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I haven't written a scene that was this distractingly hot to me since the one where Joey and Aaron had that scene in Collision Course, so I wanted to share it and see if I'm losing my mind.

It does of course have relevance to the plot of this story, but the part I've excerpted here to share is fairly focused on the physical. John is 21 and has led a fairly sheltered existence until now. Mason, not so much. He's 23. This is about 20K into the book. They're in Mason's room, already naked in bed.

I'm in the good part of writing, where I'm learning stuff and it's all exciting because I can see farther than a page ahead, but it's not all worked out yet. (I'm not much for preplanning.)

So here.

Mason lifted his head. "Like the way you kiss, John. I'm going to make you feel so good."

John didn't need someone to take care of him, he just wanted Mason to show him how to do this, but maybe it was the voice, because Mason's words melted like caramel in John's stomach, sticky and too sweet to resist. And then Mason groaned as he licked his way down John's chest, like making John feel good was something Mason needed.

Mason raised his head. "Show me how you jerk yourself off. Want to see what you like."

That made sense. John slipped his hand down his chest, palm flat against his sternum like he was sliding it into loose pants. He grabbed his cock by the shaft and started a steady pull.

"Straight for the good stuff, okay." Mason smiled down at him. "Don't come."

"No." But the word stuttered out of John. His own hand felt ten times better with Mason's eyes on him that it ever did when John was alone.

He moved his other hand to thumb across his nipples, squeezing one in the vee of his fingers.

"I can handle that." Mason lowered his head and sucked, his teeth grazing the nipple John had squeezed until John jumped.

"Good jump or bad?"

"Good, but—" John ground his teeth and clenched hard with his muscles to slow down the way his body was sliding into that rhythm of have-to-come-now.

"Okay." Mason blew on the wet skin, provoking a shiver. "Then what. When you're getting close, how do you do it?"

John rubbed his fingers over the head of his dick, collecting enough precome to get them a little slippery.

"I like where this is going." Mason rolled onto his side. "Here. I think I've got this now." He put his hand over John's where it still kept up a steady stroke and followed his movements. "Then what?" He leaned in until his lips were brushing John's ear.

John slid his fingers over his balls, pressing between, lifting them before going back to the head for another slick drop. When he moved his middle finger lower, down far enough to press on his hole, Mason sat up.

"How much, John? How deep do you go?"

"Just a little, just when I'm really close."

"God, you look tight. Oh Christ, that's gonna feel good." He yanked John's hand away and took his cock between those full dark lips, sucking him halfway in before retreating to lick at the head.

His hand covered John's on his ass, finger on top of John's, not forcing just an extra weight, someone else there, but it sent him bucking up into Mason's mouth.

"Easy." Mason pulled off and tapped his finger on John's. "You gonna come?"

John figured he could last a minute or two, unless Mason did something completely unexpected. "Not yet."

"Good." Mason left soaking wet kisses up and down the shaft of John's dick, finger nudging John's until it slipped in, spiking the pressure in his balls so that the next time Mason wrapped his lips around the head, John had to grab what hair he could and pull him away.


Mason sat up, straddling one of John's legs. John squeezed his eyes shut, fighting for breath, for control, for a way to stop the pleasure from burning through him.

"Okay, sugar?"

Squeezing his eyes shut wasn't going to be able to help him calm down if Mason was going to talk to him like that. "Sugar?" He opened his eyes.

Mason put a thumb on John's lips. "You do taste kind of sweet. I can taste that shake right on your tongue."

"Are you from the South?"

Mason laughed. "Southwest of Buffalo."

John could breathe again without feeling like he was going to tear a hole in his chest. He reached for Mason's hips, let his hands slide to feel the curve of his ass, and it did curve, soft and sexy, but tight muscles shifting under his palms.

"My turn."

"Hmmm? For what?"

"A taste." John licked his lips, and Mason walked up his body until he straddled John's head.

"You want it like this? Can get kind of rough."

John reached for Mason's dick and brought the tip close enough to lick.

"Okay, sugar."

It was different, Mason pushing his cock down into John's mouth, into his throat, only his hand on the shaft keeping Mason from plunging all the way in until John couldn't breathe.

Mason knew it too. He rocked over John, dick sliding heavy and slick on John's tongue, pressing against the back of the his throat before easing back to let John get a breath, get a chance to work his tongue around the head.

"What if I grab your hand and pin you down? Fuck my cock into your throat until you gag on it?"

John licked and sucked, a groan rising from the back of his throat at the thought of Mason holding him, keeping him from moving. He could do it too. He had the weight and the upper arm strength and John wouldn't be able to use his legs.

"Yeah. You would like it, wouldn't you?" Mason grabbed his wrist, but he didn't pull it away. "But I've got other places I want to stick my dick right now." He backed off to the side. "Roll over."

Gravity suddenly tripled and John couldn't lift himself anywhere. He'd been riding that feeling of Mason using his mouth, using it but aware of him, talking to him, so different from Roald's hurry-uhn-there.

"Huh?" He'd heard him fine, but he wanted a minute to process it. And he'd kind of been hoping they would do it face to face. He'd liked Mason looking down at him just now and didn't want to lose that.

"Roll over so I can fuck you. That is why you came back with me, right? If you wanted another blowjob we could have managed it in the bathroom at the coffee shop."

John rolled. He suspected Mason could have rolled him anyway if he'd wanted to. Face down with a pillow near his head, the sheet rubbed roughly against John's dick.

"Oh, that is a sweet ass."

John wondered if all those sugar-crystal guys, the more than a few, heard that. Mason's hands stroked up and down over his ass, hard and firm on the muscles, more like a masseur than a lover.

Then he grabbed on tight, fingers pulling the cheeks apart and ran his tongue along the crack.

John's chest tightened with a shock of pleasure and he sucked in air. Mason went back for another swipe, tongue flicking hard on the hole. John knew that touching his ass during sex felt good, but nothing could have gotten him ready for what a wet tongue would feel like on—oh God—in his ass.

The touch turned into a kiss, more obscene and intimate than anything John could imagine. That Mason would do this to him—for him—filled John with a sense of power, even as Mason's hands held him open and vulnerable. And it just flat out felt amazing.

Mason slapped an ass cheek, palm raising a sting that tingled even as the caress of his tongue had John squirming back for more. Breath fell hot then cold on John's skin as Mason whispered, "You like that, John?"

Between the sensations of another slap and a wet wiggle of tongue, the best John could manage was "Uhn." He hoped Mason knew that meant, "God, please, yes."

A groan vibrated against the sensitive stretched skin. "All of it?"


Mason slapped John again, hand leaving a burning imprint that it quickly soothed away before taking a bruising grip on John's ass again. John rubbed his dick against the sheet, found a fold that tugged against the crown right as Mason's tongue dipped in again. Flat first, and then pointed. A swirl and a jab. John could come just from this. From a little humping on the sheet and Mason's tongue in his ass. Could feel it start to burn and sparkle in his balls.

When Mason lifted his head again, his thumb took over for his tongue, rubbing and pushing while his hands kept John pinned open.

"Your ass is all soft and open for me. You ready for my cock, sugar?"

Yes. No. Can't I just come like this? But John only rubbed his face against the pillow and waited.

Mason sucked a hard biting kiss below John's hip, the pressure fading to licks the instant it started to hurt. A distraction, because while John was dealing with that, Mason's thumb slid deeper, moving, twisting and prodding, even as John heard a bright snap of plastic followed by the pinkish gurgle as Mason squeezed a bottle. John had never heard the sound before, but he knew what it was, and his stomach and ass tightened as he felt the cool touch of Mason's lubed fingers.

"Relax for me, sugar. I'll make it feel good."

John tried, but Mason was pulling him open, stretching John's ass with two thumbs inside and it burned. A lot. He rubbed his face against a pillow and held himself still, but when Mason's thumbs went in deeper, John dove forward, away from the pain and pressure.

Everything stopped.

"It's okay." Mason smoothed John's back with slick hands. "Okay. You just stay soft and sweet for me, all right?"

Tags: fiction, m/m, sneak peek, wip
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