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How Do the Characters from Collision Course Spend Their First Valentine's Day?

Something like this.

Joey and Aaron and Kim from Collison Course

Aaron rolled his head on the pillow to check the time on the clock and when he rolled it back it was smack into the gaze of wide brown eyes. Joey propped his head on Aaron's chest.

"Do you know what today is?" Joey said, huffing the long blond hair out of his face. He'd been saying he was going to get the tips dyed with magenta or something, but Aaron didn't think that would win lots of points at the police station. Joey should probably get some of it cut now that it hung past his nose; there was more than enough for Aaron to grab onto.

"Yeah. Today's Sunday. Which means you don't have work. Which means you can get up and make coffee and come back and blow me before I have to go to work."

Joey rolled his eyes and then rolled off the bed. Aaron heard him go into the kitchen then into the bathroom. It wasn't as if Aaron couldn't read a calendar. It was February 14. It had been a busy night last night and would be busy again tonight. Nothing like romance to bring out the crazies. He also was smart enough to know what Joey meant. But Aaron couldn't see Joey wanting flowers or chocolate, and they didn't need any particular date on the calendar to lead to really amazing sex.

Point to Aaron, because Joey came back and put a mug on the nightstand and gave Aaron a toothpaste filled kiss before sliding down his body. Aaron considered grabbing a sip of coffee, but the shit was hot and Joey wasn't wasting any time on a warm up. Aaron's dick was sliding into Joey's mouth, steady friction and flicking tongue with a little tingling burn from the toothpaste.

The hand that had been going for the mug landed on Joey's head and tugged lightly, though asking for more was going to get Aaron into trouble. Trouble in the form of Joey opening his throat and humming, getting his hands tight on Aaron's hips to control the rhythm.

"Jesus, Joey. Stop. Stop."

Joey looked up.

"Want to fuck you."

Joey let Aaron know he hadn't forgiven him for the "Today's Sunday" line with a hard determined suck on the head, enough to make Aaron's muscles cramp as he held in the need to pump it right into Joey's mouth and to hell with anything else.

Joey rolled onto his belly, which was more Joey speak for I'm pissed and don't want to look at you right now, but not pissed enough that I don't want to get laid.

Come to think of it, neither one of them was ever really pissed enough to not want to get laid.

He'd fucked Joey slow and long last night, even though his shift had run two hours over on a call dealing with a woman whose boyfriend had poured acid on her face. He'd heard her kids crying, and buried his anger in thoughts of Joey waiting for him, warm and funny and smart, his compact body somehow big enough to keep both of them safe from the world for awhile.

Just lube. They'd been doing it raw since October, tests-wait-and-retest before Aaron would agree to it. Joey's ass was the only one Aaron had ever been in bare, the only one he ever planned to have like this. And it had been amazing before, sex with Joey had always been better than anything Aaron could imagine, but this— Every time he went in, every single time, it was the first time. All that wet, all that heat. Joey's tight muscles moving and gripping the skin of his shaft, the incredible texture on the head. It always made him dizzy at first, made him reach out and grab onto something to keep from sliding straight on into orgasm the second his balls bumped up against Joey's.

But there was nothing to grab onto now. Despite his tipped up ass, Joey's hands arms were folded under his head, forehead pressed down into the mattress and that's where Aaron put his hands. Gripped the sheet and fucked into him, and the little shit wasn't playing fair, because he worked his muscles, tightened them, relaxed them and Aaron could see this was going to be another one of those bet-I-can-make-you-come-first type things.
Fine. He arched up and grabbed Joey's hips, shifted his angle and pounded him until Joey shook, fingers stretching out toward the pillow. He'd grab his dick in a second, then Aaron could let it all go, but of course the fucker didn't. Joey's fingers curled over the edge of the mattress and he rode the thrusts, body shuddering, milking Aaron like a human-sized vibrating cock ring and this was why it was so worth it. Worth trying to figure out what the hell Joey expected from him just because the calendar said February 14. Because Joey was the only man Aaron had met who never, ever, backed down.

Aaron reached for Joey's shoulder to pull him back harder, even though Aaron's fingers had to be already leaving dents in Joey's hips. Joey groaned, more sensation on Aaron's bare cock and he was coming, shooting deep inside Joey's ass, and from the sweet pulses running along his dick, Joey was coming too.

They both rolled to their sides, Joey's back to Aaron's front. Just being in a relationship doesn't automatically make me know what to do here, Joey. Despite lasering the words onto Joey's back, there was no response. Aaron kissed the back of his neck and went to take a shower.

Aaron's uniform was soaked with blood and other human fluids by six-thirty and he was heading into the locker room to change when he heard Kim call "What the hell are you doing here?"

He started to head back out of the locker room, but then realized the tone of Kim's voice was too pleasant to be talking to him and the person who answered him had an even more familiar voice.

"Just dropping something off for Aaron."

If Aaron had come from the elevators instead of the garage, he'd have bumped into Joey. And he was going to. Right now. Because as he had told Joey eavesdropping was manipulative and childish and—

"And what lovely token of affection did your lover get you?" Kim mocked Joey almost as relentlessly as he did everyone else, but there was always a lot more friendliness in his voice when he did. Aaron had asked Kim once and after enduring the usual barb about how ridiculous jealousy was, Kim had said, "We have a connection in music."

"Someday your prince will come, Jae Sun."

"I hope he gets lost and is too manly to ask for directions. Do I appear to be lacking?"

"Aaron says you need to get laid more often."

"And he's the expert, right?"

Joey was silent. Which in and of itself was quite a feat. "He tries."

Aaron had been wrong about eavesdropping. It wasn't childish or manipulative. It was fucking uncomfortable—worse when you couldn't defend yourself without making things worse. Hearing that flat note in Joey's voice sent Aaron deeper into the locker room where he found what Joey had left him.

No flowers or candy, not even a card. It was an ordinary envelope enclosing a handwritten invitation to take the most space-aged lube in the universe and the hottest piece of ass on the east coast out for some semi-public sex in a location of his choosing. Signed : Happy Valentine's Day, Joey.

Why couldn't Aaron have thought of that?

He met Kim over a screaming GSW on his way into the ER and after an exchange of vitals, they squeezed in an arrangement for coffee at ten-thirty.

The hospital gift shop was closed, but the cafeteria did boast two stands of sadly picked-over, wilting bouquets which Aaron was only staring at because they were next to the cashier while he paid for his coffee and the least-crusty looking bowl of pudding.

"Seriously?" Kim came up behind him.

"Of course not." Aaron took his change and headed for a table.

Kim followed him. "Here's your spoon, Romeo."

"Jealous?" Aaron took the plastic wrapped spoon, opened it and jabbed it into the pudding.

"Are you insane? Why would I want to be a part of this ridiculous frenzy perpetuated by merchants to boost slumping winter sales?" Aaron followed Kim's gaze around the cafeteria. People were murmuring into cell phones, sending texts. One frazzled-looking intern picked through the flowers at the cash register.

"Because your bed is so warm."

"Might be warmer than yours tonight."

"Why?" What else had Joey said? Fuck if Kim didn't do that arched brow thing like he knew every goddamned secret in the world and was deigning to share a few tidbits with lesser mortals.

"I get the impression that your little blond is the romantic type."

He was. God help them He and Sheree had gone nuts at Christmas. But just because Aaron had mastered birthdays and Christmas didn't mean he had any idea what to do with this onslaught of red and hearts that seemed exclusively geared toward straights anyway. Fuck it. Aaron would rim that sweet ass until he came. Twice. That would do it.

"And?" Aaron said since Kim wasn't forthcoming with anymore bits of his immense intellect.

"So he might have some expectations. Which reminds me again why I am pleased to remain free of the magnetism of any one piece of ass. In fact, I think I'll just stop at 248 on my way home and take advantage of that blissful fact."

Kim got paged, but any satisfaction Aaron might derive from the fact that Dr. Kim might still be elbow deep in blood when the bars closed faded as he realized that he was getting off in less than fifteen minutes and it might almost be nice to have to go out again rather than go home to Joey.

Joey wasn't playing with his keyboard like he usually was when Aaron got home. Joey's eyes were fixed on the TV as he channel surfed, a full glass of ice tea puddling condensation on the coffee table.


Aaron came over and sat next to him. Joey glanced over, then went back to surfing.

"I got your invitation. Thanks."

"You're welcome." At least Joey was looking at him now.

"But there's something wrong about it."


"Hottest piece of ass on the east coast? I think you're not thinking big enough."

"How would you know? You've never left Florida."

"I've been to Georgia. And I've seen a lot of asses from all over."

"Tourists?" Joey smiled.


"Oh. Okay then."

Joey didn't look back at the TV, but it still wasn't over.

Aaron swallowed. "Happy Valentine's Day."

Joey jumped him, and explosion of smiles and kisses and warmth. Joey wrapped around him tight, hands and body rubbing away all the stress and the gore.

"That was it?" Aaron said around a mouthful of hair.

"Yeah. That was it."

"That was easy."

Joey leaned back in his lap. "Easy? I thought the words were going to choke you to death."

"Now that you mention it, there might have been some pain involved."

Joey's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Something you want kissed and made better?"

"See we communicate just fine."

"You're lucky I love you, Aaron Chase."

"Yeah, I know."

Meet Kim's--ummm--prince on March 9.

A huge thank you to poisontaster for a quick beta. If there's anything stupid left in it, it's all my fault.
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