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I hope he gets lost and is too manly to ask for directions.

I thought I had posted this here awhile ago, but I can't find it. So as a little warm up for No Souvenirs, here's a little deleted scene introducing Shane not appearing anywhere else. (Oooo. Director's cut. Bonus content.) Come to think of it, Kim's description of him in Joey and Aaron's Valentine short wasn't far off. He does seem a bit lost and unwilling to ask for directions.

Finding a decent blow job was tricky. Finding one in Belize City, where the police took exception to the fact that a guy might want the mouth on his dick to belong to another guy, was even trickier. Finding one in the eighteen hours before he was due back on the goddamned boat for another week was downright difficult.

All of that was why Shane McCormack found himself forking over a huge cover charge to get into the private club that operated out of some hotel’s basement. He glanced in his almost empty wallet as he tucked it away. At least the pathetic scrap of hide would disgrace any pickpocket who lifted it.

This week’s passengers on the live-aboard dive boat had better be good tippers. Not like last week’s bunch of sixty-something college frat buddies trying to recapture their lost youth, spending more time passed out drunk than diving, and hitting on the two women who were serious divers and not exactly sharing the honeymoon cabin because they both liked the wallpaper.

Even at this private club you had to make it clear up front you weren’t paying for it. Half the guys in the place were hustlers. Dragging his hair back off his face, Shane scanned the crowd and frowned. Damn, he wished he was back in the States.

A cute little guy danced up to him. At Shane’s height, lots of guys were little.

“No money,” Shane said in English, then in Spanish. When he hit Portuguese, the guy gave a pout and danced away. Good thing too, Shane was running out of languages. He couldn’t quite get a handle on Dutch and his Kriol made people either laugh or take a swing at him.

He spent the last ten in his wallet on a Dos Equis long-neck and thought about asking his folks to wire him enough cash to get home and—what? Start his academic career over? Get another useless degree? Write a few more desperate grant applications to keep working on the Taino site?

As he leaned back against the bar, he caught a long-lashed stare from a tall, pretty thing across the room. The guy blinked and then looked away, waiting for Shane to step up. So maybe the cover charge wasn’t going to be a complete waste. He pushed himself away from the bar and went to see about getting his dick sucked.

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