ka_mitchell (ka_mitchell) wrote,

LJ Behaving Badly? Never *eye roll*

Elisa Rolle is a frequent poster who lavishes attention on the gay romance genre. She provides interesting commentary on more books than I could ever hope to read. Her evaluations of my stories always leave me astounded by her insight. So when she asks people in the genre to help her out by spreading the word, I'm happy to. Here's her problem.

lj behaving badly

Basically, LJ is stealing the money she uses to buy the books in the genre that she then reviews. She makes the money through people follwing her referral links to Amazon. That would be annoying enough, but then they lied to her and tried to pass it off with a story that their service reps were supposed to use to cover up this behavior. Ouch. Come clean, LJ.

It's been awhile since I read Ntozake Shange but I believe I have this quote right "Next time you should admit you're mean, low-down, no good, triflin' and no account straight out. 'Stead of being sorry all of the time, enjoy being yourself." (Apologies for altering Ms. Shange's spelling.)
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