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No Souvenirs

No Souvenirs came out yesterday and wow. Thanks, guys. It's making best seller lists at Amazon and Books on Board and My Bookstore and More. I'm so glad because it felt like it really worked. I'm glad people were excited about Kim's story. He was fun to write, pairing him with an opposite (yet not) like Shane made for some interesting sparks.

I've been thrilled with the reviews so far. The one at Dear Author couldn't have been more flattering if my mother had written it. (Come to think of it, my mother would have probably been a whole lot less flattering. She's pretty critical in her reviews of anything--not just me. No, she's not Mrs. Giggles.)

I'd insert the cover image, but I am a technological failure today and can't make that work.
So if there's anyone who hasn't grabbed it and is looking, here's one of the places you can find it.

No Souvenirs

Thanks again so much to everyone who's been willing to plunk down some hard-to-come-by cash to hang out with my characters. I hope I gave you a good read.


Mar. 28th, 2010 07:43 pm (UTC)
Can I tell you how much I love your work, because I LOVE your work! I feel dumb how long it took me to click in that Jae Sun was Dr. Kim from CC but I was glad when I did. Before this story, I'd gotten DiD, CS, CC, and CR in E-book, and own CC & DiD in print.

I love how the issues each couple faces are hard real life ones that affect their character and how they function as people. I love the comedy you infuse your writing with and how your troubled characters move past their dark hours into a good future. I also love those pivotal sex scenes (The one after the club in DiD, The birthday sex in CC) that really re-define the relationship. But mostly, I love how all of your characters are connected and how each love story is so different.

Your couples are also amazing. I have a hard time choosing a favorite, but it usually goes to Aaron & Joey, though Noah and Cam are right at their heels. Have you ever done deleted scenes for Noah & Cam?

You are an inspiration and I love your style (seriously: why are girls so much better at this then men?) and I consider you my writing hero.

Thank you so much for sharing your talents!