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Tea, Tea, Tea, What?

Sorry for the Bertie Wooster quote and the brief interruption in bringing you updates on books, but I have to stop to sing the praises of a present I bought for me.

This Breville Tea Maker I got at Amazon does everything advertised, except have Jeeves make my morning selection and bring it to me in bed with a polite cough and a "I thought perhaps a single estate assam this morning, madam, as the air is quite robust with chill."

When I took it out of the box, my first thought was "Wow, the rich really do have different stuff." The weight and the look of it is all about quality. I'm a teacher. At a private school. For the kids no one else wants. I've never owned a small appliance that wasn't the cheapest thing available. Trust me when I say you can tell the difference, right down to the power cord.

I haven't gone through all of my favorite black teas yet to try it on my whites and greens, but it will make and keep my brew warm for me when I set it the night before and brews a perfect--I mean perfect--cup of loose tea. There must be something about the basket hitting the water as it's still boiling and the spacious area of the basket that gets the full flavor in only three minutes (I go for the strong setting on my black teas). And then the basket comes back up on its own so there's never an overbrewed bitterness because I got involved in writing a scene.

Every time I see it on my counter it makes me do a little happy dance. It is a dream come true for the tea-obsessed like me. I now return you to your regularly scheduled excerpts and release information.



Nov. 27th, 2010 05:59 pm (UTC)
breville tea maker
Isn't it just the best? I splurged on one for myself a couple of months ago. It felt bad to be spending so much on something to make tea, even though tea is the best thing ever LOL. But then I thought about how much people spend on espresso makers, and well, at least tea can be good for you. The tea out of this thing really tastes better, not to mention it doesn't sit there with the tea in in the water while you mutter to yourself about finishing up just one more line after the bell has rung. The number of cups of tea that have been ruined by that, this tea maker has practically paid for itself. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL

Susan C.