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Several years ago, there was a minor schism among my mom and her five siblings. For the most part, things have been smoothed over, but some friction remains between my mom (the middle child) and the second oldest girl, Bev, who has always displayed the warmth and tact of a rusting ice-breaker locked in the Arctic. Needless to say, the chill which remains emanates from Bev’s side of the rift.

Just to give you an example of my mom’s family’s communication dynamic, when Aunt Bev wasn’t speaking to my mom, she sent her a Christmas card—but didn’t sign it.

So this morning, my mom is playing Words With Friends (a mobile phone app that’s like a Scrabble game) with her baby brother who sends the message: “Did you hear about Ed (Bev’s husband) being in the hospital?”

My mom played a word and sent back “No. What’s going on?” but there was no further response from him.

She called her older brother who is also still mainly in the rearward of Bev’s affections (such as they are). Apparently, Ed in the hospital on life support and has been given 48 hours to live.

How did I get this news? My mom sent me a note on Words With Friends.

The social network, taken to new heights (or the frigid depths) by my family. I wonder about the people in the family who aren’t on Words With Friends. How ever will they get the news? But hey, at least mom answered my return message. And she always signs my Christmas card.



Dec. 3rd, 2010 10:59 am (UTC)
Yep, I think we all have at least one member of the family like this. I have a cousin who spreads the most intimate and private of our family secrets all over Facebook. Plus should she ever have a falling out (which happens very often because she's incredibly thin-skinned) with any of us, then she splashes that all over Facebook too.