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excerpt from RSL

Here’s another little sneak peek at Regularly Scheduled Life to go along with my musings on breakfast. It’s about a third of the way through the book, when Kyle is feeling particularly threatened by a very attractive public relations expert who is keeping Kyle’s lover Sean front and center in the media.

Kyle heard Sean get up at seven-fucking-thirty—on a Saturday. The weight of the blankets tried to drag Kyle right back down into that comfortable place where he didn’t have to think. But as he lay there, he heard voices and remembered. Brandt was there. If Kyle didn’t get up, Brandt would probably have Sean signed up for an around-the-world publicity tour.

Dragging on a T-shirt and the jeans he’d worn to the game last night, Kyle made his way down the stairs. Brandt and Sean’s laughter spilled out of the kitchen along with the rich scent of better-than-average coffee. With his leg stretched out on the other stool, Sean sat at the breakfast bar watching Brandt fold an omelet out of the pan. Sean’s classic rock station pumped a hair band’s screech into the middle of it all.

“Oh God, Brandt, give him some coffee. It’s the middle of the night for Kyle.” Sean reached for Kyle’s wrist as he took a bite of the omelet Brandt had placed in front of him. “Sorry we woke you, babe.”

Brandt handed him a mug and cracked some more eggs into the pan. The carton was almost empty. Another trip to the grocery store.

Kyle wrapped his hand around the mug and squinted at Sean’s plate. “Why is there brown sugar on your omelet?”

Brandt flashed a smile from the stove. “My last boyfriend was Ukrainian. We had eggs on pasta, eggs on sandwiches. He used to make these all the time. Said they were like blintzes. There’s cream cheese inside.”

Cream cheese and sugar. On eggs. At seven thirty. Kyle held onto his mug and controlled a shudder.

“They’re great. Try some.” Sean lifted a forkful in Kyle’s direction.

His stomach lurched. “I think I’ll just have cereal.”

“Because that would be different. What would you do if they stopped making Cheerios?”

Kyle usually didn’t mind Sean teasing about Kyle’s OCD, even with Tony and Jack, but Brandt was a stranger. Kyle felt like the outsider in his own kitchen.

To hide his embarrassment, he took a burning gulp of coffee. Brandt made good coffee, damn it. Better than Sean’s. The sneaky bastard must have some secret supply of beans that he used to drag unsuspecting clients deeper under his spell.

Brandt tipped the pan with a skill that bordered on insolence and then reached into their refrigerator like he owned the damned thing and came out with strawberry jam. “They’re even better with this.” He crossed to put the jar down in front of Sean.

“Thanks.” Sean opened the lid and scraped some jam onto the sugar, cream cheese and eggs on his plate. For a guy who’d been all fussy about the brunch at The Pinnacle, Sean was pretty fucking adventurous this morning. If Brandt suggested it, Sean probably would have sprinkled ground glass over his omelet. Kyle turned away and reached for the cabinet that held the Cheerios.
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