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And the promised prequel

Seven years before the start of Regularly Scheduled Life

"Well, if that doesn’t work out, you can always fuck me." Kyle smiled up at Daniel when he finished describing the incredibly hot guy he’d seen on the way to the bar.

“I think you’re going to have other plans,” Daniel said looking over Kyle’s shoulder. “That guy is cruising the hell out of you. I wouldn’t mind doing him myself. Look at those shoulders. Those arms.”

Kyle shifted so he could see who Daniel meant, trying to avoid eye contact incase the guy wasn’t everything Daniel was building him up to be.

“The one in the blue shirt,” Daniel said.

And avoiding eye contact was impossible. Yeah the guy was hot. Kyle even knew what he looked like without that shirt on—and without the pants. Knew what the guy’s cock felt like in his ass, the way it tasted on his tongue. And the way his voice could talk Kyle out of his pants when he really should have been studying calculus and analytical geometry.

Sean, spring of freshman year, and even if Kyle hadn’t recognized him from a glance under multicolored strobes on the other side of a crowded club, he’d know him now. That confident walk, the steady gaze. Sean was coming right over to them.

“That was fast,” Daniel murmured.

“I already—”

“Did him? And from that hitch in your breath he was good. Mind if I take a shot?”

Kyle did. He didn’t care who else Daniel slept with. They had fun together every once in a while, but they were mostly friends. No, what Kyle minded was the idea of Sean with Daniel. Which was nuts considering he hadn’t seen the guy in seven years.

Yeah, that two months of sex had been good. But Kyle had been eighteen and the sex had almost always been good. He was wondering how much of his memory of Sean as a great fuck was wrapped up in that whole dizzying freedom of finally being away at college, an experience Kyle’d been praying for since before his confirmation.

Sean was there now, and Kyle’s body definitely remembered him, skin picking up some kind of vibration from an inch away.

“Hey,” Sean’s eyes never left Kyle’s face. Not even for Daniel, who was GQ cover gorgeous.


Sean leaned in and a shock went down Kyle’s spine when Sean’s breath hit his skin. “You still have a hell of a sexy mouth.”

“I’d mention the part I liked best on you, but it’s not on display.” Kyle grinned, and Sean grabbed his hand. Kyle would have bet his hand was about to get close to that favorite part when Daniel said, “Hi. Daniel.”

“Sean.” But his attention only wavered for a minute before he was watching Kyle again.

This time, Kyle didn’t think he needed to try Sean out on the back porch before deciding. “I’m not in the dorms anymore.”

“I’m staying with friends.”

“Guess you get to see my apartment this time.”

* * * * *

If it was possible, Sean had gotten better, smoother. And they both sure as hell had more fucking stamina.

Sean made Kyle squirm with his tongue for what felt like an hour before he fucked him. Long licks, quick stabs, sucking and even biting, made Kyle beg for something harder. And when he finally pressed his dick inside, he kept murmuring in that sexy voice, filthy promises, anatomically impossible suggestions. Just when Kyle decided it was long past time to get off, Sean moved them, shifted positions for an even better angle, harder, tighter, faster. He finished him off with Kyle riding him so that Kyle could keep the pressure where he needed it even as Sean slammed up into him so hard Kyle felt it in the base of his spine.

When Kyle woke up to Sean sucking him hard, Sean slapped a condom in Kyle’s hand. He’d never fucked Sean during those two months in college. Sean pulled off Kyle and nipped the inside of his thigh. “Want you inside me, Kyle. Want you to fuck me.”

Sean begging, his soft light brown hair tickling Kyle’s dick, and the blood rushed his cock so fast Kyle thought he was going to black out.

“On your back. Want to watch.”

Sean let his knees drop outside Kyle’s hips. Sean’s cock was already hard, almost flat against his belly. Kyle swept his thumb over the precome leaking from the slit.

“Thanks, but I think I’m already good to go.” Sean smiled up at him, eyes dark with wide open pupils.

Kyle reached for the lube. “Everywhere?”

“Not quite.”

Sean’s ass squeezed Kyle’s finger hard so he took his time stretching him, slow twisting strokes curving to rub on Sean’s prostate until they were both impatient.

“Not gonna break, Kyle. Fuck me.”

But he was still so tight when Kyle pressed forward, heat and a grip like a fist on the head of his dick. Kyle eased back but Sean grabbed his hips and dragged him forward, and the yeah sounded from so deep inside Kyle wasn’t sure who’d said it.

It took two more strokes to get in deep, fighting the pressure all the way in. The drag on his cock was sweet and tight when he pulled out, hot and soft on the way back in, even through the condom.

Sean’s chest flushed, spreading up into his neck, his cheeks. He wrapped his legs around Kyle, and his eyes opened wide. “Fuck me.”

Kyle lifted Sean’s legs and slammed forward, hard and fast, thighs slapping into Sean’s ass with a thick sound, faster than the rapid thud of his heart. Kyle closed his eyes, concentrating on the incredible feel of Sean on his cock, the pulse of those still-tight muscles all around him, the sounds spilling from Sean’s throat. Nothing like the detailed descriptions he whispered when he fucked Kyle, nothing but groans growing softer instead of louder.

He jacked him fast and then just gave Sean his fist to fuck as they ramped up. Sean’s ass clamped even harder just before the first hot rope of come laced Kyle’s fingers. He hoped he was able to keep that grip on Sean because the extra pressure on Kyle’s dick was enough to send him over, to make him shudder and shoot again and again, harsh groans in his throat.

After they cleaned up, Sean rolled onto his side and looked at Kyle. “I’m kind of disappointed.”

“In what?” Kyle demanded.

“Well, I was hoping that if you fucked me, you’d lose it enough to start fucking in Spanish.”

“I told you. I understand Italian and Spanish, and I can curse in both, read Spanish. But I don’t have enough blood in my brain to compose Spanish when I’m having sex.”

“What would you say if you could?”

Ai, mi papi chulo. Si. Si.

Sean kissed him. “What’s that mean?”

“Basically, oo, hot daddy, yes yes.”

“Hot daddy?”

“Not in the leather daddy way.”

“Right.” Sean kissed him again, long and soft, tongue tracing Kyle’s lips over and over.

Ai, papi chulo.

* * * * *

Kyle woke up to an empty bed and a lot of noise in his kitchen. He dragged himself out of bed and down the hall of his apartment.

Sean turned, coffee filter in hand. “Sorry I woke you. I was trying to make coffee. I remember how much you hate morning.”

That was incredibly sweet.

And incredibly scary.

Tags: fiction, free fic, m/m, prequel, release, rsl

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