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Collision Course

There's my new cover for Collision Course. I love it. Anne Cain is my goddess. She does such good work for me. Joey (Noah's ex from Diving In Deep is the one in front and Aaron *swallows hard* Aaron is the one in back.

Joey was one of those characters who popped into my head fully-loaded so to speak and he wasn't happy with the guy I put him with when he was on the rebound from Noah. He wanted something more intense, so I gave it to him.

This book was seriously fun. I love these characters because they were so much fun to write. I wouldn't want to live with either of them because they'd drive me nuts, but I love them to death.

The release date is December 9. Because I couldn't help myself, and as a way to pique your interest and say thanks for reading, I came up with a couple of prequels. This first one starts on Joey's birthday--the day he was born. Sorry, it's rated G. :)

I know I really suck when it comes to answering comments. I read them all and then the characters start talking to me, and I have to write or go get medication. :) I'm always trying to do better.

August 11
Thirty-one years ago

At first Becky thought it was the hinges on the bathroom door swinging shut behind her, but then she heard it again. Thin, not quite a cough. Not enough air for a cough. Her nurse’s training took over even as her brain was still digging up a label for the sound. Infant in respiratory distress—amplified by the echo of porcelain.

None of the stall doors were locked. She wanted to run slamming each one back, but she was afraid she’d hit the baby.

He was in the last stall, the handicapped stall. Tiny, bloody and barely alive. She scooped him out of the bowl, clearing his face, listening carefully. A quick thump on his back and the limp form wriggled and gasped.

Joey David Miller took his first deep breath.

Three and a half years later

“Why did you marry Daddy?” Joey rubbed the soap out of his eyes and looked up at Mommy.

Mommy stopped using the cup to rinse his hair and smiled down at him, arms folded on the top of the bathtub. “Because I loved him.”

“Do you still love him now that you’re married?”

Mommy sat back on her heels with that smile on her face that Joey knew meant she thought he was funny and smart. He liked it when people looked at him like that. He was good at making people look at him like that.

“Yes.” Mommy’s pretty eyes blinked. “Yes, I love Daddy. All the time. Every minute. Like I love you and Laura.”

“But you wouldn’t want to marry me, right, Mommy?”

“No, honey, mommies don’t marry their children.”

“And you only get married once, right?”

“I hope so. That’s why you should be very sure you love a person before you get married.”

“That’s why I’m going to marry Cody.”

Mommy gave him that smile again.

“You said that sometimes boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls. And it’s gay.”

“Yes, I did.”

“So when I marry Cody, will I be gay?”


“If Cody marries me, will he be gay?”


“I asked him to marry me and he said he would. So what are we?”

“I think you’re engaged, then.”

“Know what I think, Mommy?’

“What, Joey?”

“I love Cody and I’m going to marry him. And I think I’m gay.”

“That’s great, honey. Now Mommy has to rinse your hair so she can go give Laura her bath.”

“Will Laura have to stay at the hospital again?” Joey had heard Mommy and Daddy talking about it when he was supposed to be napping.”

“I hope not, honey.”

“Me too, Mommy. But if Laura has to stay in the hospital for a long time again, you and Daddy can stay with her and I’ll stay with Cody.”

Mommy gave him another one of those proud-funny smiles again and Joey squeezed his eyes shut so she could rinse his hair.

I'll have a bit of Aaron's childhood for you in a few days. Thanks so much for reading.
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