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Collision Course prequel

The heroes of Collision Course are Joey and Aaron.

I'm back with a little something on Aaron's childhood. He wasn't as lucky as Joey.

Aaron didn’t go to school with cupcakes for his ninth birthday. He and Sav hadn’t been to school for more than a week. Aaron knew that was dangerous, because schools asked questions and they could get taken away. Separated. But Aaron didn’t know how to get them to school from where they were.

“Aaron, I’m hungry.” His sister looked up from where she was scratching on the floor with a broken pencil.

“I know.” He was, too. He just couldn’t figure out a way to fix it right now. He’d stolen some rolls off a truck this morning, but they were already gone. People paid more attention once the sun came up, and he didn’t know this neighborhood.

“Mom told me there was McDonalds in the stove.”

“You saw her today? She still here?” Was she upstairs? Passed out in one of the rooms or had she gone again? Sometimes, even when she was high, Aaron could get through to her, remind her of school or food. Mom would cry and beg and apologize and maybe try to be a mom for a couple days until she was so strung out she’d disappear again.

“Can we look? In the stove?” Sav didn’t whine. There wasn’t any point.

Aaron had seen the roaches running all over the stove, like they ran all over everything in this latest shithole. He tipped open the door for a second, catching a couple glimpses of white under the black of crawling bugs.

“Is it there?” The want, the wish in her voice made Aaron feel as sick as the sight of the bugs. He looked at her face. She was so skinny. Skinnier than Mom even. No matter how much he tried to find for them to eat.

“Let me heat it up, okay?” He spun the dial on the front of the stove, listened for the flame to catch.

“I don’t mind if it’s cold.”

“We’ll get sick.”

Sav knew. She was only a year younger. And she’d been through everything just like him. “Bugs?” She was trying so hard not to cry.

“Yeah. I’ll go out. I’ll—” He thought about hugging her, but she’d only pull away. “No rolls, I promise.”

She tried to laugh and dug her hands in her eyes, and Aaron’s throat burned. He was skinny, but he was fast. He could grab something, if someone left a bag of food in the car, or just weren’t watching it. And he could run, even with his stomach hurting, he could still run. Or if Mom was upstairs, maybe she had some money.

“Did Mom go out again?”

Sav nodded. “You’ll come back though, right?”


Next up, 2K of sex. Joey's first time. :)

Btw, Aaron was invited to blog in interview form, but the blogger didn't give me questions for him. Would anyone like to suggest some? You can read more about him in the opening chapter and blurb here. You can find an NC-17 excerpt at my website. Let me know if you want your name listed with your question and/or a link back to your journal or website.
Tags: collision course, fiction, interview, m/m, prequel

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