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Collision Course prequel

This is how Joey lost his virginity. If the idea of reading about two seventeen-year-old boys having consenual intercourse bothers you in anyway, please don't click the link.

Sometime in the nineties

It was the same bedroom Eduardo had lived in for ten years. Same blue walls and blue bedspread. The same desk and familiar stereo playing the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream on repeat. Even having Joey in it wasn’t that unusual. They made out in here a lot.

At Joey’s house the rule was no boys on the second floor, applied equally to Joey and his sisters. There was always the couch in the “playroom” in the basement, but Joey’s sisters had a way of sneaking downstairs to watch them and giggle and that was just skeevey.

For the last two weeks, they’d been making out up here a lot. Mom was working the late shift at the hospital and Dad was visiting relatives back in Costa Rico. So Joey, the room and even the way Eduardo’s dick was throbbing in his saggy jeans wasn’t unusual. It was just that today, he almost wished they could get interrupted, because Joey had made up his mind they were doing it--c’mon, Eduardo told himself, if you can do it you can say it—that they were going to fuck today.

It wasn’t that Eduardo didn’t want to fuck Joey. God, he wanted to. Last week, Joey had put his mouth on him for the first time and sweet Jesus that had been better than anything that had ever happened to Eduardo’s dick in all of its seventeen years. From the first tight suck—and whatever the fuck Joey was doing with his tongue—Eduardo was seconds away from breaking the I-can-never-meet-her-eyes-again promise he’d made to his mother the nurse about seminal fluids and unprotected mucus membranes. In fact, thinking about that was the only thing that let him hold on long enough to yank Joey off with a hand in his long blonde hair. Eduardo had shot all over Joey’s face, even into that hair still wrapped around his fingers.

Joey had licked his lips and smiled. “I could get used to that.” He’d stretched up over Eduardo who’d been flat on his back, gasping. “Wanna taste?”

“Joey, we promised my mom we wouldn’t.”

“It is safe. Because we’re both virgins, right?” Most of the time Joey had a confidence that seemed to dare the whole world to not smile and fall in love with him. Right then, the nervous quaver on his question was enough to make Eduardo’s heart break.

“Right, but I still promised.” And in return, his mother had promised not to tell his father unless he asked or until Eduardo turned eighteen and was safely away at college.

Joey’d smiled again, letting Eduardo’s heart go back to its usual rhythm. “So we’ll use condoms when you fuck me.”

Eduardo’s heart landed in his stomach, and his dick ached as blood flooded it again. “I don’t have any.”

“Not today.”

But Joey hadn’t wanted to wait long, and got Eduardo to agree by alternating sucking and pleading until Eduardo’s body hit that point of no return and he was yanking Joey’s head away, groaning,“Yeah, wanna fuck you, Joey, please.”

So here they were. Joey took a plastic Walgreen’s bag out of his back pack and tossed it and himself on Eduardo’s bed.



Eduardo’s throat was dry, and despite the nerves doing the merengue in his stomach, his dick made even his baggy jeans feel tight.

He took a few steps toward Joey.

“It’s just us, ’Wardo.” Joey reached up and pulled him down on the bed.

He tried to concentrate on the kisses, on Joey’s hand stroking him, on his own hand on the silky heat of Joey’s cock, but all he could think about was Oh, God, I’m going to have actual sex, we’re gonna do it.

Somehow they managed to get out of their clothes, and they were naked together for the first time. Joey’s skin was hot, felt hot enough to burn, but oh-so-good against Eduardo’s body. He shivered, and Joey rolled them so that Eduardo was on top.

“I looked it up. What to do, I mean.” Joey’s matter-of-fact tone made Eduardo’s dick wilt. The idea of Joey researching like he was going to write a paper on it was not something Eduardo wanted to think about: Preparation and Practical Applications of Anal Intercourse in Adolescent Males.

While Eduardo was busy picturing the title page of Joey’s senior thesis, Joey had flipped them again and started licking down Eduardo’s chest, humming along to “Sweet Sweet.” Eduardo’s dick had gotten extremely familiar with what that licking led to and he forgot all about the research.

A wet suck, the strong flick of Joey’s tongue on the one spot that made Eduardo’s hands dig into his own thighs to keep from pulling Joey’s hair out by the roots.

As Joey licked his way back up, there was a rustling and then a plastic tube slapped into Eduardo’s hand. “Put this on your fingers and in me.”


“You want me to?”

Joey rolled off him and took the lube back. Eduardo wasn’t stupid. He understood the plan, it was just that between his dust-dry mouth and his rock hard dick he was having trouble thinking, talking, and managing complex tasks like counting to three.

Joey uncapped the tube and squirted gel onto his fingers. “I’ve done this part before. Feels good when I jerk off.”

Eduardo could only watch as Joey planted his feet on the mattress, knees bent up, legs wide open, and then ran a finger under his balls, down, down until he pressed inside, all the way, lips parting to let out something between a groan and a sigh. Eduardo wanted to grab Joey’s hand, pull it out of the way and shove his cock in its place.

He reached for the lube, coating his fingers. The hole was tight, even with just one finger, the muscle slick and hot. Oh shit. It was going to be so so much hotter than Joey’s mouth, and he was going to lose it the second his dick went in there.

“More. Put another finger in and—God.” Joey’s lashes dropped over his warm brown eyes, the afternoon sunshine making shadows across his freckled cheeks.

The tight hole crushed Eduardo’s fingers and Joey made a sound that was a lot different from all the sounds of pleasure Eduardo had been hearing since they moved from making out to getting off. Joey’s body relaxed for a second, and Eduardo’s fingers slipped in deeper. Another whimper came from Joey’s throat.

Eduardo’s dick wanted in, but the part of him that lit up when he saw Joey’s smile, that part wanted to stop, just kiss and cuddle him until they both calmed down because not hurting Joey was something Eduardo thought should be written into the constitution.

“Joey, I don’t think—”

“Move them, Wardo. Please. Fuck me.”

Eduardo’s heart slammed into his ribs.

“C’mon. Fuck me.”

Joey’s dick was still hard, stretched along his belly to the right of the dark blond line of hair that tracked from his navel to his pubes. Eduardo worked his fingers in and out and the pressure on them eased. Joey arched, pushed down to meet Eduardo’s hand, the gasps coming from Joey now sounded like when Eduardo jerked him off, that husky whisper he loved.

“Feels good now. Keep fu—oh shit—like that.”

“Like what?” Eduardo whispered too, wanting to do anything that would get that look of shocked pleasure back on Joey’s face.

“You must have rubbed—Oh God, can you feel it?”

Eduardo stopped thrusting and tried to feel around. He rubbed up, found a something that felt like a—

“I want—please, please, want your cock in me.”

Eduardo pulled his fingers free and almost touched his dick to Joey’s hole. Joey was the one who remembered.

“Condom first, right?”

“Okay. I can’t believe I—“

“You’d definitely have freaked out.” Joey smirked and handed him the condom and lube.

Rolling on the condom was a lot more difficult than it had seemed in health class. Especially with fingers all slippery from lube and sweat. He grabbed at the sheets to dry them off.

“Dude, that was my T-shirt,” Joey pointed out.


Joey helped him and then lay back again.

“If it hurts, you’ve gotta tell me. I don’t want to—”

“I kind of think it has to, and I like it. I mean, that it hurts a little. Not like a kick-in-the-balls kind of hurt, but it burns—in a good way.”

Eduardo was very sure he was gay. He hadn’t thought much about girls at all for years, but after hearing Joey say that, he wasn’t sure he was ever going to be gay enough to try this the other way. It sounded really bad.

“Come on.” Joey grinned.

Eduardo stared down at him. At his Joey. Who was fun and sexy and sweet and had those eyes that could get Eduardo to do anything. He knelt between Joey’s legs and tried pushing in, but his dick slipped and jammed into Joey’s balls.

“Ow.” And then Joey laughed. “Wait. I forgot.”

Wait? Waiting really didn’t seem like it was something Eduardo’s dick could do. It was either get in or jerk off.

Joey grabbed one of the pillows and put it under his hips. Eduardo knelt between his legs again and yeah, he could see that this would work better. Holding his dick this time with one hand and Joey’s thigh with the other, he pressed his dick at Joey’s hole.

It didn’t go anywhere. He had to push hard with his hips and even then it was like trying to force his way into a closed fist. Except the fist was hot—even through the condom and it was opening for him, just a little give until the head forced through the tight opening.

Joey’s teeth sank deep into his lip.

It was hurting Eduardo. It had to be hurting Joey. “I’m gonna—”

“No.” Joey’s hand covered Eduardo’s where it had slid over his thigh to his hip. “Keep going. I just need…” He screwed his eyes shut and his body shifted, and then Eduardo was sliding in deeper.


Eduardo wasn’t sure which of them groaned it first.

“God, feel you everywhere. Every breath.” Joey’s own breath was whistling through clenched teeth, tight gasps.

Eduardo swallowed. “I’m hurting you, Joey. It’s too much.”

Whole face tensed in a grimace, Joey lifted his legs around Eduardo’s waist. “Kiss me.”

Eduardo looked down between their bodies, where his dick was half inside the swollen ring. Joey’s dick was still hard, lifted a little from his stomach. A drop of precome filled the slit.


As Eduardo leaned down, his dick slid forward until he was in all the way. The sensation of Joey’s body all around him made him want to share it, so he dropped his mouth onto Joey’s, kissing, fucking between Joey’s lips with his tongue. Joey kissed him back like he wanted to climb inside, mouth first. Eduardo’s hips started moving and Joey groaned, hummed into his mouth. Eduardo felt that hum everywhere, in his bones, in his cock.

His cock. His cock in Joey’s ass. Inside him. A few thrusts with those thoughts in his mind and that hot drag on his dick and Eduardo felt the warning tingle buzz his balls.

“Joey—I’m gonna—fuck.”

It burst out from deep inside, sizzling pleasure pumping through his dick as his body jerked again and again.

When he could breathe again, see again, maybe get one or two brain cells functioning again, he opened his eyes.

Joey had reached between them, holding the base of Eduardo’s softening dick.

“Do you want me to pull out?”

“When you’re ready.”

Joey winced again as Eduardo tipped his hips back and then they were both grinning.

“We did it,” Joey said.

“Yeah. But…” he looked down at Joey’s still hard dick.

“I’m sure you’ll think of something to do with that.” Joey licked his lips and Eduardo knew exactly what he meant.

“Okay. Just let me…” he gestured at his dick.

He flushed the condom and hurried back. Joey was stroking his dick with a slow, even pace.



“Can you do it with your fingers in me?”

Eduardo’s dick ached as it started to fill again. His breath caught. “H’okay.” He slid two fingers into Joey’s ass and listened to his husky sigh.

“And if you get hard, will you fuck me again?”

Eduardo couldn’t remember how to breathe again. “Jesus, Joey.”

I'm still hoping to get some questions for my interview!

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