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Collision Course prequel (4)

Here's the last one, Aaron at seventeen. The book comes out in two weeks. I am so so so excited. I can't wait for everyone to meet these guys.

By the time he was seventeen, Aaron knew where to go to get his dick sucked. He couldn’t afford a fake ID for clubs and bars, and he knew to avoid places where cops tried to round up fags. He learned to spot an undercover cop, too, even in the area around the bars. It was never so cold in Jax that unzipping outside was a problem when there was a warm wet mouth waiting.

One night he called Sav from work, telling her he’d be late. She knew what it meant, and he felt guilty every time he left her with the kids for most of the night, but sometimes he really thought he’d crawl the fuck out of his skin if he didn’t get out and get off.

He’d bummed a cigarette and was just leaning there smoking when a guy approached. Something was just off enough to make a warning prickle on the back of Aaron’s neck. The guy wasn’t a cop, though, too polished, too soft. Older than Aaron usually went for, but handsome enough. Aaron would have his eyes closed soon enough anyway.

He nodded back at the guy who came over to lean on the building next to Aaron. “How much?” He murmured in Aaron’s ear.

Aaron froze. He wasn’t stupid. The guy’s meaning was instantly clear. He’d seen guys hustling, knew it’d be a lot easier than working till one at the Food Lion and then trying to make it to school. It wasn’t that he had any kind of moral issue with it. He’d done worse for them all. There was the risk of getting picked up by a cop and never seeing the kids again. But this. This was like a two –for-one deal. A quick come and quicker cash.

But Aaron shook his head and the guy moved off.

This was the only part of his life that didn’t have anything to do with them. With keeping his family alive and out of the hands of the fucking Division of Families and Children. Sex was the one thing he could do for himself that didn’t get tied up in guilt and worry and anger.

Another guy stepped forward, younger, but still older than Aaron. One hand rubbed Aaron’s jaw while the other rubbed his crotch. With an appreciative groan, the guy sank to his knees and Aaron rested his head back against the bricks and closed his eyes.

Coming in December, I'll have a free holiday sequel to "Custom Ride." It'll be released first in the Samhain newsletter, the Samhellion, but then I'll be free to post it over here and on my website.
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