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Chasing Smoke prequel

Hi! I'm not dead, just broken.
Chasing Smoke is available on Tuesday, June 9, and I come bearing gifts of free porn fic.

In the best of times, Daniel Gardner hates visiting his family. With his boyfriend pressuring him for a mortgage-serious commitment, Christmas in Easton, PA sounds, for once, like a welcome escape. His old house holds more than memories of a miserable adolescence, though. It has Trey Eriksson.
At seventeen, Trey was taken in by the wealthy Gardner family after his father was jailed for his mother’s murder. Until he left for the Army, he fought a double-edged battle—for proof of his father’s innocence and against his attraction to Daniel.
Fifteen years later, things haven’t changed. Trey is still looking for the real killer. And Daniel has never forgotten how Trey used to sneak into his room at night.
Now new clues to the murder are resurfacing—and so is Trey and Daniel’s sexual chemistry. Except this time, Trey has come to terms with his orientation.
But their connection may not be enough to overcome the mistakes of the past. Not while a murderer still walks free…

So that's the premise, and as enticement (or entrapment) I'm offering this free prequel not available anywhere else. (No, not even in stores!)
Please heed the warning.
Warning: Daniel and Trey are seniors in high school during this prequel. If consensual sexual contact between adolescents of the same age is a squick, don't click.

It was too fucking hot for September. Daniel kicked the last of the sweaty sheet off his feet and spread his arms. That didn’t help, so he tried to find a cool spot on his pillow he might have missed, but since he’d already flipped it five times in the last ten minutes, that didn’t help either.

Daniel craned his neck to look at the digital numbers of his alarm clock. School in six hours. Fucking physics test second period and he couldn’t sleep because his mother was more worried about the ozone layer than her children’s education. Bullshit. She wouldn't put in air conditioning but she drove around in a luxury minivan.

If he wasn’t too hot to move, he’d go down in the basement and sleep on the couch. That’s probably where Trey was anyway. Rob going to college and giving their “guest” his room was the best and the worst thing that had happened that summer.

The open space between Daniel’s door and the hall widened, and then there was someone there. Trey. It had to be. Why else would Daniel’s heart have kicked into overdrive?

“You’re up,” Trey whispered.

Daniel sat up, swinging his legs onto the floor. “Yeah.”

“It’s fucking hot.” Trey came over to sit down next to him in a T-shirt and thin gym shorts. .

“You’d think the Gardners could afford air conditioning.”

“What happened to the pool you guys used to have?”

“Dad said no one was using it so he had it taken down.”

Trey stared down at his feet. This wasn’t the first middle-of-the-night conversation they’d had since Trey moved in when his mom died, but it was the first one since he’d moved across the hall.

Trey sitting so close to him, breathing on him should have made the heat worse, but Daniel got a good shiver down his arms

“Big game tomorrow.” Trey said.

It was Easton football. Every game was big. Anything less than an undefeated season was an epic tragedy to be lamented over for the following nine months. “Sorry you aren’t playing this year?”

“Nah. I want to concentrate on basketball. And school.”

And the fact that your dad’s murder trial is a week away, Daniel finished in his head. He didn’t say that he knew Trey’s dad didn’t kill his mom. Daniel had already told Trey that. Nothing made Trey shut down faster than bringing it up. And Daniel didn’t care how pathetic it was, he wanted Trey to keep talking to him even if it was about something as lame as the football game.

Trey turned and looked straight at Daniel. Almost all the blue in his eyes had been swallowed by his pupils. Daniel couldn’t move. Trey had looked just like that before he kissed him the first time. And the second.

Trey looked away and ran his hand up the back of his neck, making his hair flop onto his face, blond strands almost silver with the streetlight. Was he waiting for Daniel to do something? Trey knew. Daniel had told him. Did Trey think Daniel had changed his mind, decided he was straight?

Daniel tightened his grip on the mattress and stared straight ahead. He wasn’t going to do something so Trey could blame it on Daniel pushing him. Like he could do anything to Trey he didn’t want. Trey had forty pounds on him.


Trey’s voice was harsh and sad and full of something that twisted deep inside Daniel’s gut. Relaxing his grip, Daniel turned back toward him. Fuck waiting. He grabbed Trey’s head, and Trey kissed him, hard and deep, hand heavy on the back of Daniel’s head, like he’d ever try to get away.

Daniel shouldn’t have been so pathetic that he’d want this. To be happy because Trey didn’t have anything left after what happened to his mom, that all his friends wouldn’t talk to him anymore so all he had left was Daniel. He shouldn't, but Trey’s tongue was in his mouth and Trey’s hands were sliding up his chest, and Daniel would take what he could get. He reached out for Trey’s T-shirt, shoving it up. Then Trey helped and holy shit that felt good. Trey’s skin, hot and hard on his own.

Daniel wished he had a few extra hands and mouths because he had a feeling this wasn’t going to happen again and he wanted everything. Wanted to suck Trey’s neck, his nipples, his dick. That thought made him gasp, and Trey pulled him back onto the bed, shifting so that Daniel ended up on top and the whole time they never stopped kissing.

He never knew that a sweet rub of tongues would go all the way to his dick like this and when he felt Trey’s cock hard against his own, he knew what to do. He ground down, shifting his hips forward and Trey groaned into Daniel’s mouth. Heat flooded his balls, and he might have started shooting right then--which would have sucked--but Trey grabbed his hips and lifted him up.

Before he could protest, Trey’s hands were in his briefs, shoving them down until Daniel could kick them off. Trey’s hand burned Daniel’s dick for a few quick strokes, and he was never going to forget how good that felt.

“Sit up for a second.” It was Trey’s normal voice, a little hoarse, breath a little fast.

Daniel sank back on his heels, but his dick stretched forward, like it would find Trey’s hand by itself if the rest of Daniel wouldn’t cooperate. Trey tugged down his shorts, and kicked them away. Daniel wasn’t going to stare, but then he had to, because it was Trey and he was here, and he didn’t seem to be about to shove Daniel away. That round pink head, slick and shiny, the thick veins on the side, the way the light hair curled around the base. He was reaching out because his mouth was watering and it was going to fit so perfectly on his tongue when Trey grabbed him under the arms and hauled him up.

“Like this, Danny.” Trey settled him between his thighs and rubbed up, his dick dragging wet and hard over Daniel’s.

All right. That would work. Especially when Trey’s fingers dug into Daniel’s hips, grinding them together so hard he thought their bones would melt through their skins. It hurt, but it felt good, too. The skin on his dick was so tight every little movement sent pleasure rushing into his balls. Trey’s grip shifted, cupping Daniel’s ass, pulling his cheeks apart. Something hot and hollow flashed in his gut and as scary as the thought was, Daniel would let Trey fuck him if that's what he wanted.

Daniel couldn't say anything, because Trey wouldn't stop kissing him. The only thing Daniel could do was moan and speed up the God-so-good slick rub of their dicks against each other. The sounds Trey was making vibrated between them, sounds that said Trey really wanted to be here. Trey broke the kiss, a whispered, "Danny," and then thick deep noises as Trey came first, spurting wet heat on their bellies belly, perfect slick glide for Daniel's dick. Daniel dropped his head, pressing his forehead against Trey's.

Trey's breath was still coming in quick pants against Daniel's lips, hands still gripping Daniel's ass. For the first time in his life, Daniel tried to fight the sparks tingling in his balls. He didn't want this to ever be over, wanted the feeling to go on forever. But then Trey said "Yeah, Danny," voice so rough Daniel could feel it on his skin and he couldn't push it back anymore.

So now what were you supposed to do? When you'd both come and were hot and sticky and uncomfortable and suddenly it was all sharp hips and knees and elbows and embarrassment? Trey moved underneath him, not that tight grind of his hips, but an all over shrug and Daniel rolled to his side. Trey reached over the side of the bed and came back with his T-shirt.

Daniel stopped him before he could wipe at their bellies. "I--I've got a towel."

He offered it to Trey first, and then took it to rub himself clean. Daniel's nerves were still buzzing, a low good hum, pleasure enough to not really care how hot it was with both of them on his double mattress. Trey pushed his hair off his forehead and then ran the hand up from the back of his neck in that familiar gesture. Daniel knew what was coming next. Trey didn't disappoint him.

"I should probably get back to bed."

Well, it wasn't as if Daniel wanted his mom to find them flopped all over each other when she came in to make sure he was up for school. "Yeah."

Trey pulled his shorts and shirt back on. And then leaned over and dropped a quick kiss on Daniel's lips. Daniel was still gaping in shock when Trey slipped out of the room.
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