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Recipe. No really.

If you're looking for writing updates, skip on by.

I promised this recipe to a bunch of people and this seemed the easiest way to disseminate it. (Okay, writing from a younger characters pov, and disseminate makes me giggle). People have called these Triple O Brownies. I don't know if I'd go that far, but they're pretty damned good.

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I haven't written a scene that was this distractingly hot to me since the one where Joey and Aaron had that scene in Collision Course, so I wanted to share it and see if I'm losing my mind.

It does of course have relevance to the plot of this story, but the part I've excerpted here to share is fairly focused on the physical. John is 21 and has led a fairly sheltered existence until now. Mason, not so much. He's 23. This is about 20K into the book. They're in Mason's room, already naked in bed.

I'm in the good part of writing, where I'm learning stuff and it's all exciting because I can see farther than a page ahead, but it's not all worked out yet. (I'm not much for preplanning.)

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Don't Tell Your Boyfriend....

..Your New Year's Resolutions

I let a lot of my old characters write something down, and of course, their boyfriends had something to say about it. You can also see a bit of Kim and Shane from No Souvenirs and the new characters in my WIP. The list of resolutions and "modifications" is over at Slash & Burn.

I had a lot of fun with it, even if it's hard to stuff Joey and Aaron back into the "done" part of my brain after I let them out.
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Contest and Blog

Thank you for all the virtual snowflakes. I may be able to convince myself that it's too snowy to go to work and that means staying home and writing!!

We're running contests during the month of December over at Slash & Burn, so come on over. Today is my contest post. (Though if you've been to my house in December, you can't play in the second part!)

I hope your month is going well!
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New Release and Contest

An Improper Holiday is available now at Samhain Publishing, ARe, for Kindle and wherever else you usually find me. I'm doing a Twitter contest, and another contest at Slash and Burn on December 9.

For the Twitter contest tweet the answer to this question @ka_mitchell: What did Ian come home from the war without?
The answer can be found in the free excerpt available at Samhain and ARe (or in Kindle's free sample). I'll pick two winners from the correct answers tweeter by noon EST tomorrow. Winners get a free copy of their choice of my ereleases.
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Upcoming Release

I'm very excited about my upcoming Christmas release on December 1. It's my first m/m historical and I had a lot of fun with it. I set it during the Regency, a time period I've always loved in romances.

Here's the blurb.

Nicholas, Lord Amherst and the Honorable Mr. Ian Stanton will take questions here and at the slash and burn blog.

And to whet your appetite, here's a little excerpt that's not on the Samhain website.

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New Stuff

I don't like to share stuff when it's in its early phases for a lot of reasons. For one, it usually takes a couple false starts before I start rolling. Two, creating expectations in other people can steer me off my course before I have one. Three, I can't ever promise until I'm at least a third of the way in that the story will even work. All of that is still true, but for some reason, I want to talk about these guys.

They nagged a bit, made me write out the first few pages while I was still trying to finish No Souvenirs, but that's not why it's so different. For starters, the characters are much younger, twenty-one and twenty-two, though since they have such train wrecks as back stories, life has aged them. And because of their respective train wrecks, they have really weird ways of looking at the world.

So here. It doesn't have a title, and this may not be the right place to start the story, but for anyone who wants to know, this is what is eating my brain. And at a hell of a clip, too.

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